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08.28.05 - 7th annual Bat's Day at the Fun Park.

07.13.05 - Roger Rabbits Cartoon Spin

03.21.05 - The new ride, Buzz Lightyears Astro Blasters is now open. The Disneyland classsic original Tiki Room has reopened to a new amazing level and the castle has never looked so shiney.

12.18.04 - Included in this gallery are Haunted Mansion Holiday, Castle, Small World Christmas, and more.

12.14.04 - The Bats Check-In, a mini Bats Day honoring DCA's newest attraction, Tower of Terror.

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Disneyland - Haunted Mansion Holiday :: Grand Californian :: Castle :: and more...

Dec 18, 2004
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Castle and Fantisyland
- After being covered in tarps for such a long time the castle is back
Castle and Fantisyland
Its a Small World Holiday
- IASW glowing in all its christams glory
Good looking guy infront of Its a Small World
- something else glowing in christmas glory
The mad tea party at night

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